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ENG Lending Real Estate Agent-Partners Program

Want to Partner with us?

We are very selective in who we work with.    We want it to be a mutually beneficial relationship with as much teamwork as possible.   This industry is stressfull enough, so working with people we like and trust is very important.


Plus there are only so many hours in a day, we want to maximize those hours working with agents that work as hard as we do-and who are committed to working together as much as we are.


This is why we generally work with only a few agents in any given geographical area-as we want to help our agents dominate their market place.


We do this by strategically marketing online with our agents.   Through SEO, PPC, Social Media-we not only help drive traffic to their website, we also help convert the traffic into leads and the leads into pre-qualfied prospects.    

To learn more contact Dimitrios Gikas at 440.249.7074.

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